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Wonderful experience! These Guys are efficient and offer a total online shopping experience. I purchased a kit on Wednesday around 12pm and it was delivered the next day and 8:30am. The products are amazing and work wonders 💯 5 outta 5 from me.

Avishkaar Gungadeen

Avishkaar GungadeenFacebook review

Thank you so much for the great products been using the fertilizer and jelly for about two weeks and my beard has never felt better!!! Ps. The Wiff is amazing long lasting scent and a great scent at that.

Andrew Crouch

Andrew CrouchFacebook review

Got really great service from Cobus and Mark who went out of his way to have my brothers beard products delivered to me. They went above and beyond to accommodate me. And I really appreciated that..

Candice Petersen

Candice PetersenFacebook review

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